All About Tampons, Period.

Many Filipino women would likely become skeptical about a small bundle of cotton being put inside their nether to absorb their monthly fluids. Most Filipinas are into sanitary pads, that is why there are only few people who know tampons. No wonder, it is less available in drugstores and mostly receives negative comments in spite of its actual advantages.

But calm down, girl. There are a lot of things that you need to know about tampons that will actually surprise you, which, may convince you to switch now and put those sanitary pads aside.

Tampons are made up of soft materials like cotton, compacted to form a cylindrical-shaped wad that can easily be inserted to a woman’s intimate part. Just like a sanitary pad or napkin, it is also used to absorb menstrual flow but the difference is that it works from the inside. The tampon absorbs the menstrual flow or blood, before it leaves the body. Thus, it helps you avoid leaking of menstrual fluids, making you feel more comfortable and less worried during your red days.

Tracing its past, the concept originated from the ancient Egyptians in the essence of vaginal pessaries made up of elephant or crocodile dung. Then the Romans also started devising their own which they called as destructive pessaries made up of goose fat or opium.

The first tampon with applicator was devised by Colorado doctor Earl Haas in 1931, however it was Gertrude Tendrich who bought the patent to start producing it. Meanwhile, German gynecologist Dr Judith Esser-Mittag invented the tampons without an applicator coined as “O.B.” which stands for ohne Binde, the German term for “no pad”.

Nowadays, tampons come in different sizes depending on its absorbency as well as materials being used like cotton, rayon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, and fiber finishes.

For a first time user of tampon, it is best for you to know the proper ways of applying it. Tip: It is being inserted in your vaginal opening which is located in the middle of your urethra (where the pee comes out) and your anus (where the feces come out). For a more elaborated instruction on putting in a tampon, you can click here .

Using tampons allow you to go on with your daily activities without even worrying about leaks. It does not fold like napkins so you can avoid discomfort and awkwardness for an instance. Moreover, wearing tampons does not make you feel like you are sitting on your own blood.

So if you are an active sporty woman or a working girl who does a lot of business in your everyday life, it is best for you to get those tampons on and keep going even during your red days. Don’t let your period stop you and avail your new red-days buddy, try our tampons today!


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