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All your period questions answered

Many Filipino women would likely become skeptical about a small bundle of cotton being put inside their nether to absorb their monthly fluids. Most Filipinas are into sanitary pads, that is why there are only few people who know tampons. No wonder, it is less available in drugstores and mostly receives negative comments in spite of its actual advantages.

Menstruations are tough. They can turn any woman into a monster. It’s a tedious monthly-visit inclusive of mood swings and dysmenorrhea. Being a woman is hard. Hygiene should also be given proper attention on these times. One must be careful of bacterial infection which can come from using sanitary napkins and pads. This is where tampons come in. Tampons have less health risks than sanitary napkins, but so many women refuse to use tampons because there’s a lot to it they don’t understand.

As a Filipina well on her way into adulthood, you have probably used and disposed of countless sanitary napkins for every month the red flag is up. If you’re still a young girl experiencing puberty and about to hit adolescence, then don’t fret. You’ve got a lot to learn but it will be all in a good sense.

So, TSS. You have probably heard of it so many times, are alarmed by it, but are still clueless to what it really is. Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re taking TSS bit by bit and get down to the nitty gritty of this situation.

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