It smells fishy: How tampons can get rid of menstrual odor

Besides the physical stress that comes with our monthly period such as cramping and abdominal pain (dysmenorrhea), there is no denying that a sense of paranoia also washes over us as we keep on worrying about getting menstrual stains on our clothes or the possibility of our period blood’s foul smell being noticeable.

When it comes to stains, the easy fix is to just change your clothes or wrap a jacket or sweater around your waist to cover it up. But how about that pesky, fishy smell that comes from your period? Yes, it’s only natural but we understand that a lingering smell can make you seem unhygienic in the eyes of those who don’t understand the facts of menstruation.

You’re probably wondering now why period blood smells; don’t worry, before we dive into how tampons can help get rid of that odor, we’ll first answer why it smells.


Why do period blood smells?

Fresh, normal blood (from wounds, for instance) usually smells like rusted iron so it’s normal if you suddenly feel curious on why period blood smells differently. You see, blood from menstruating doesn’t really give off a strong odor; in fact one of the many reasons why your private part is clean is because it is somewhat acidic, keeping a healthy balance of bacteria. But you have to understand that the pH of your vagina changes when it’s that time of the month since bacteria thrives off your period blood. And when your menstrual blood is exposed to oxygen and stays stagnant on your sanitary napkin, pathogens grow in it over time resulting in foul odor.


Scented products.

This is exactly the reason a lot of sanitary napkins, vaginal wipes and deodorants now come in scented versions. But beware, no amount of scented women’s hygienic products can prevent your menstrual period from giving off a foul smell; after all, it still doesn’t hide the fact that the blood is exposed to oxygen the moment it hits your sanitary napkin. Add that to the fact that the use of commercial sanitary pads prevent the ease of airflow making your area feel moist and warm, an environment where bacteria thrives.


Enter tampons.

The great thing about tampons besides the fact that it’s more comfortable, more compact, and easier to use is that it solves exactly this problem. As we’ve mentioned before, Ladouce tampons are made out of 100% natural, soft, and sterile materials- viscose and cotton. And since tampons are inserted inside the vagina and absorbs the blood from inside, your menstruation never gets exposed to oxygen, eliminating the increase of pathogens and therefore keeping your private parts from smelling foul.

Tampons also allow for better airflow so you can move freely without the annoying warm and moist feeling down there. Also, go for unscented tampons like the ones we have here at Ladouce; remember, scented products have chemicals in them, and chemicals can increase foul odor.


What are waiting for? Stop feeling paranoid and embarrassed of your monthly period! Embrace your womanhood and use Ladouce tampons now!


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