Our Story

Our story goes back to the year 2014 when a Dutch entrepreneur visited the Philippines for a business convention and noticed to his surprise that menstrual napkins were still most commonly used by 99% of the women. 

After a meticulous market research, the conclusion was that in the Philippines there is need for a high-quality tampon product. For that reason, the company Ladouce Philippine Branch was established in the year 2015 and the name Ladouce tampons was granted its legal deposited brand name. 

From that moment Ladouce digital tampons were specially developed for the Philippine market, produced in the European Community and exported to the Philippines. 

Sales, marketing and distribution are done from the company Ladouce Philippine Branch which situated her office and warehouse in the clean environment of the Province of Pampanga. 

Our Reason of Existence

Compared to the product female menstrual napkins, tampons have huge advantages for its users, both in hygiene, usage and price. 

Another remarkable difference between napkins and tampons is the volume of waste. Imagine if only 35% of the Philippine users of napkins would change to digital tampons (non- applicator type), every year again 30.000 tons of non biodegradable waste, the equivalent of 1500 full loaded trailered trucks, will not be dumped as waste. For reason that Ladouce tampons are 100% bio-degradable and napkins are not.

Our Aspirations

It is a challenge to make Ladouce tampons accessible for all women, through marketing, by on-line shopping and availability in traditional sales places like pharmacies, supermarkets and resorts/ hotels. 

We see it as our duty to supply the population with information, awareness and knowledge both about the product and the price/quality ratio, for tampons are no more expensive compared to a good quality napkin.

Our Message to the Generation

Integrity in our marketing-and sales policy and produce honest products.


Sustainable in our sales and products for the environmental advantages of tampons compared to napkins are huge, we
cherish the world and need to change the attitude about waste in the Philippines. 


Accessibility in price and surroundings for all potential and regular users of Ladouce tampons. 


Commitment to our clients in offering a stable perfect product with an exceptional high European standard which for fills all
medical, environmental and legal requirements.


Our Future

Learn from our mistakes, listen to the requirements of our distributors, sellers and clients. In that way we wish to become a major player in the field of female hygiene, digital tampons.