Tampon Taboos Debunked

Menstruations are tough. They can turn any woman into a monster. It’s a tedious monthly-visit inclusive of mood swings and dysmenorrhea. Being a woman is hard.

Hygiene should also be given proper attention on these times. One must be careful of bacterial infection which can come from using sanitary napkins and pads. This is where tampons come in. Tampons have less health risks than sanitary napkins, but so many women refuse to use tampons because there’s a lot to it they don’t understand.

Anything that we don’t understand, we consider taboo. Well sit tight and prepare yourself to some eye-opening truths about tampon and how much of its bad reputation is hindering us from using it.


  1.       Using tampons takes away your virginity.

Virginity, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the quality or state of being a virgin. In a clearer definition, it is the state of not yet having sexual intercourse. Emphasis on sexual intercourse . For some reason, people has this thinking that if you’re using tampons when your period pays you a visit then you’re no longer considered a virgin. Just because a tampon is placed into a female’s private part doesn’t exactly make her not a virgin anymore. It’s not “sexual intercourse” per se. End of story.

  1.       Putting a tampon subjects you to pain of epic proportions

One word: exaggerated. So many people think that the way a tampon is placed into the private part causes so much pain and discomfort. Truth is, it doesn’t. Unless you’re suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome, you’ll be just fine. On the first time, of course, you may feel a little bit of unease but that’s nothing compared to using sanitary napkins. Butt rashes and the unexplainable nagging odor sure beats tops the uneasiness meter.

  1.       Tampons may fall any time.

If you think the tampon you’re wearing will fall any minute from now, then time to change that thinking because it doesn’t. Tampons aren’t exactly gravitational. As long as you place it correctly and you can get by with your daily routine without feeling uncomfortable, everything is A-Okay. The only time the tampon will fall is once you pull the string that is left out. And you will need to do it for every 5-6 hours to change your tampon as part of a good hygiene, but still depending on your flow.

  1.       Tampons will get stuck there and never get out ever again.

One of women’s biggest fears in wearing a tampon is the mentality that there may be a chance for the tampon to get comfortable with the insides of their private parts and stay there forever. This is not the case. In fact, this situation rarely happens. Get over it and just try one.

  1.       Tampons are disgusting.

Menstrual blood, for one, is already disgusting as it is. Tampons are just there to absorb it and save you from humiliation and discomfort. Plus, don’t you think sanitary napkins aren’t as obnoxious? It’s like sitting on your own blood. Now think about it.

  1.       You need to take out the tampon if you have to pee.

You don’t have to, because there are two separate openings. Urine comes out of the urethra. The tampon is placed into the vagina. Careful with the string though. You might accidentally pee on it. Then you really have to take it out and change it.

  1.       Tampons can cause STD.

Well it doesn’t really make sense. STD, or sexually transmitted disease, come from having unprotected sex. And using tampons isn’t exactly “having unprotected sex”, right?

  1.       Tampons have toxic chemicals.

Ladouce tampons do not have harmful chemicals in them. But you must be aware of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can occur no matter what sanitary product you use. It is a rare bacterial infection but can be very fatal to women and has never been proved that it’s caused by tampons: which is unjustifiably speculated. Symptoms include sudden high fever, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle ache and seizures. It is very rare that only 3 to 4 women can get afflicted.

  1.       Tampons are not available in the Philippines.

This could be true before but not anymore. Tampons are now very much available in the Philippines. In fact, you can just hit this link and you’ll be on your way to buying a box of Ladouce tampons. It’s that easy.

Get over all the nonsense above and welcome a whole new experience of taking care of you and your period. Change is coming and it’s waiting for you!


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