Tampons vs Pads

As a Filipina well on her way into adulthood, you have probably used and disposed of countless sanitary napkins for every month the red flag is up. If you’re still a young girl experiencing puberty and about to hit adolescence, then don’t fret. You’ve got a lot to learn but it will be all in a good sense.

For so long, the go-to product in the Philippines to stop the monthly flow is the sanitary napkin/sanitary pads. They either come with or without wings. That’s where your choice lies, and the brand you trust to do the work. But in western countries, the choice of product is between pads and tampons.


Now that tampons are here in the Philippines and your options just got broader, let us tell you a thing or two about using tampons.


  1. Tampons are more discreet and comfortable.

If you have been using pads all your life, then you know that nagging feeling of standing in front of a mirror, all clad up in your skinny jeans, trying hard to stare at your butt, and wondering if the budge of your napkin is attracting attention – which to answer your question, it does. This is really uneasy if you’re commuting from jeepney to jeepney. You’re always faced with the thought that if your napkin bugle is making it obvious that you have your monthly visitor. With tampons, you will never get that. The tampons won’t make any bulge. Plus, it’s very comfortable because it doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting on your own blood.


  1. Tampons do not cause rashes.

Again, with every prolonged use of pads, you will notice that rashes start to form around your private parts, even on your butt cheeks. This really happens, since napkins become a pool of bacteria when left unchanged. Plus, the material isn’t really that suited for the skin, because of the plastic lining. It’s a lot like wearing diapers, actually. With tampons, the chance of getting a rash is minute.


  1. Tampons can be flushed.

While we do not encourage it because we’re definitely for the environment, it is in fact a fact that tampons can be flushed down the toilet. Getting rid of tampons is way easier than pad disposal. With pads, you have to carefully wrap them in a newspaper, or any kind of paper and put them in the trash bin. You cannot flush napkins on your toilet because it’ll clog your drain and causes problems on your drainage system.


  1. Tampons are more convenient.

Using a tampon for the first time can be frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually really neat and isn’t that much of a hassle. Once inserted properly, tampons are really comfortable and compact: you won’t even feel that it’s in your body. What’s even cooler is that you can swim around in these things and playing sports and doing strenuous activities is way easier and comfier.


  1. Tampons are more affordable than you think.

The price of Ladouce tampons compared to a good quality napkin is practically the same. Thinking logically about it, you will get a more convenient, discreet, comfortable. compact and environmental friendly product that doesn’t causes rashes for the same price! Isn’t it about time to switch from traditional napkins to Ladouce tampons?


Aren’t you thrilled to try Ladouce tampons yet? You know, something new to break a habit. If you’re sold with the idea, you can purchase Ladouce tampons at Lazada. Happy shopping!


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