Ladouce tampons are made of body friendly, high absorbent natural materials. The cylindrical form follows perfectly your personal body shapes. Ladouce tampons are designed to be easily worn into the vagina during the periodical menstruation to fulfill it’s aim of absorbing female menstrual flow.

How to use a tampon?

Always wash your hands thoroughly before inserting a tampon.


1. Slightly bend the Ladouce tampon to break the protective foil at the arrow line, unwrap the bottom-half of the covering foil.


2. Unwind the cotton withdrawal string; while holding the string and tampon, straighten the cotton string.


3. Hold your tampon at the bottom and remove the remaining half of the foil. Relax and bring yourself in a comfortable position, either sitting with your legs apart or standing with one leg raised or resting on  the toilet. With the other hand open your labia carefully, insert the Tampon with your finger at the angle, if you might feel some resistance change the direction a bit when inserting.


4. If you might still feel the tampon, just insert the tampon a bit deeper and you will not feel the tampon at all, the discrete cotton string stays out of your body.


5. When removing your tampon, withdraw the cotton string which is easy to catch. Pull the string with some force, the tampon will easily leave your body , deposit the tampon at a hygienic place.


Wash your hands after removal of the tampon

Ladouce® Tampons are available in 3 sizes.

Ladouce Mini is perfect for women who have lighter menstrual flow

Ladouce Normal is perfect for women who have moderate menstrual flow

Ladouce Super is perfect for women who have heavy menstrual flow

Useful information about Ladouce® tampons

** Which size of the Ladouce tampon should I use ? 

– It’s a good idea to use the Ladouce mini tampon when you are using tampons for the first time, also to protect you before your menstrual period starts.

– From the moment your menstrual flow started it is easier to insert the tampon as is glides soft and easy

– A tampon will not leave your body without you removing it by pulling the strong cotton cord. Removing a tampon does not harm in any way.

– Ladouce tampons are available in 3 sizes, not just because of your bodysize but mainly to give you the opportunity to use the right size comparing to the menstrual flow, for example you might use Ladouce super during heavy flow

– By following the simple instructions, your first experience with the Ladouce tampon will be a fine and easy way to comfort you while menstruating.

– Remember the more you relax the easier the use of a tampon will be