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Ladouce® Tampons Multi-pack 16pcs


You receive 1box of Ladouce® Multi-pack tampons. Each box contains 6 Mini, 5 Normal 5 Super. NON-

We make different absorbency level for every day of your period. Try to use Ladouce tampons® with the
minimum absorbency needed to control the menstrual flow. You might want to start the smallest size Ladouce
tampons® Mini and then switching to a larger size of it’s necessary.

✔️ PROTECT – Ladouce tampons protect you day ang night during 608hours, feeling comfortable and safe,
no smell, no irritation, no rashes because the menstrual fluids are absorbed inside your body.

✔️ NO LINES – Just wear all kinds of dress without notice of your period to others, feel free and fully protected.

✔️ SOFT – Made of Silk-Soft Natural Viscose not chlorine bleached, with a soft rounded top, special soft-silk
layer which prevent the fibers to remain in your body.

✔️ BIODEGRADABLE – Natural Viscose absorbs over 130% more compared to cotton tampons and are
100% bio-degradable. FREE OF CHEMICALS – Plastic and Chemicals FREE or additives to avoid health problems

✔️ CONVENIENT – Support you everyday, at home, at work, on travels, sports and even when swimming.

✔️ MADE IN EUROPE – Made in European Community, fully clinical tested, hypoallergenic, and proven the
best tampons.

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